Setting up text notifications

The longer you wait to contact a lead the chances of converting them to a closed deal becomes less of a reality. This article will show you how to set an automated text message notification to be delivered to your phone within seconds of a new lead arriving to your LoanTek account. The message will include details such as the contact's name, phone number, email address, and more. Follow the steps below to setup your text message notifications today.
1. Go to Services/Support tab.
2. Click User Manager.
3. Click the Lead Delivery Options tab.
4. Click Add New SMS Number.
5. Enter your SMS Number.
6. Select your cell phone provider
7. (Optional) LoanTek's lead manager allows you to set reminders for callbacks and more. If you want to receive a text message notification for these events check the box next to "Use for Task Reminder."
8. Click Add to apply your changes
You can also set up email notifications when inside the lead delivery options tab. Click here to learn how.
This article is provided for informational purposes only and is subject to change without notice. It's not intended to include every feature or service that LoanTek provides. Visit the LoanTek Support Page for more information.

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