Adding a New Contact

You just received a new lead! Now you want to add it to your LoanTek account. Follow the steps below to learn how.
1. Hover your mouse over the CRM tab.
2. Click on Add New.
3. Select a Source (required)
4. Select Source Filter (required)
5. Select a Status (required)
6. Fill out any additional fields as necessary
7. Click Save All
Helpful Tips:
*Do not select the "Send Welcome Email To This Contact" box if you have already spoke to the contact
*If you want to send a welcome email to the contact remember to fill out an email under the contact info tab
*Source - Where the lead came from.
*Source Filter - Will vary depending on the source.
*Status - The stage your contact is at in the loan process.
Other Helpful Articles:
This article is provided for informational purposes only and is subject to change without notice. It's not intended to include every feature or service that LoanTek provides. Visit the LoanTek Support Page for more information.

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