Adding New Fee Sets

In order to have your fees reflected in your pricing engine you will need to create fee sets. You can create one fee set for all of your lenders or you can create a fee set for each of your lenders. We can even get more specific if your lenders have different fees for different products by using pricing rules. This articles will cover the basics of creating a fee set. 
1. Hover over the Pricing tab.
2. Select Fee Manager.
3. Select the Fee Set Editor tab.
4. Click on the Add New Fee Set.
5. Enter a description that will make it obvious which lenders or products the fees are being applied to.
6. Choose the fees to include. Go through and put a check next to the fees that apply. Don't forget to enter the fee under the fee column.
7. Once you have selected your fee(s) and entered the values click on the Save Fee Set
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