Adding a reminder to a lead

You can add a reminder to call a lead back at a certain time. You will receive the reminder via email and or text, depending on how your "Lead Delivery Options" are configured. You will receive a popup notification in the upper right hand corner of your LoanTek account. These reminders go off 15 minutes prior to your set time. 
1. Hover over CRM.
2. Click Current Contacts.
3. Click on the name of the lead you would like to add a reminder for
4. Select the Task/Notes tab.
5. Select a Task/Note Type.
6. Enter your Comment.
7. Check the box to add a reminder, and select the Time/Date.
8. Click Save Task.
If you put a check next to to "Export To Outlook," your popup blocker may catch it and prevent it from exporting. You will want to allow popups from LoanTek to prevent this from happening. Check your browsers help menu for instructions on how to do this.
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