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1. Hover over the CRM tab.
2. Hover over the Campaigns tab.
3. Select Campaign Manager.
4. Select the Manage Emails tab.
5. Select the email you would to edit from the Select Email to Edit drop down menu.
Follow the steps near the top of the screen to edit the email:
Step 1: Initial Setup you can edit the subject of the email, what the recipient sees, and the email name, what you see.
Step 2: Select a Layout you can edit the layout of email. If you change the layout of the email, it will erase all content.
Step 3: Select a Style you can change the color scheme of the email.
Step 4: Add Content you can edit the content of the email.
Step 5: Preview If you email looks correct, you can now "Save Email."
Different browsers view email differently.
If the email looks different in the Preview compared to how it looked in the Add Content send a test email to yourself. The test email is how it will look when it goes to a borrower.
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