Bulk Importing Leads

You can download our template and move your contact information into the right columns based off of our templates column headers or you can use a blank excel file and create your own column headers and copy the data over into the appropriate columns. 

  • You can download this example of our CSV import file. If you are not using the template you will need to copy the column names you want over to Row 1 of your excel sheet before proceeding. Column names can be under  CRM > Bulk Import. The image below is a screenshot of where these column headers can be located.

  • Enter your existing information over accordingly with respect to the column names in the template you created or downloaded from step 1. You should be able to copy and paste your existing database into their respective column.
    Reminder: Do NOT change any of the headers on the template. LoanTek reads the information you input by the placement of those column headers. Changing the headers or not inputting the correct header in your template will result in the import failing.
Instructions to import: 
1. Hover over the CRM tab.
2. Click on Bulk Import. 
3. Select a Status that you want your leads to start with when imported. The status indicates where the contact is at in the loan origination process. 
4. Select the lead Source. The source distinguishes where the leads came from.
*If you intend on importing leads with different sources you will need to break up your sheet and do separate imports.
5. You should also choose a Source Filter. This distinguishes what type of leads they are (Purchase, Refi, General).
*If you want to import refi's, purchase and general contacts separately you will need to break up your sheet and do seperate imports. This may also require you to break them up once more if you also intend on breaking them up by source.
6. Fill out the next 3 boxes as you see fit. You can choose to NOT import duplicates, overwrite duplicate records and you can even choose to send a welcome email to each imported contact. You should not remove the check from the first box since it is just saying that you will skip importing any rows that have no data.

7. In order to import you must agree that the leads you are importing are not part of a rented, borrowed, or purchased 'list'.
    LoanTek prohibits adding contacts from rented, borrowed, or purchased 'lists' into your CRM system if you plan on using the Campaign Manager to contact these contacts via email. Spam filtering services will detect and blacklist clients that are using these lists causing their Campaign Manager to be deactivated. Failure to observe the aforementioned is a violation of the Can-SPAM Act and LoanTek's policies. 
Please ensure you have read and fully understand the CAN-SPAM Rule.
8. Now click on "Browse" This will open a file explorer window on your computer where you can browse for the .csv file you saved earlier.
9. Once you locate your file click on it and then click on "Open." 
10. Click on Submit
Depending on the number of leads you have it may take a few minutes. The system will notify you when your import is successful. You should receive a green confirmation message saying that x amount of leads have been imported successfully. Go to CRM > Current Contact to view those leads in your system. If you do not see your leads click on "click here to Update Cache" this will refresh the page and you should now be able to see the leads

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