Creating Campaigns

View help video HERE
Go to Leads tab>Campaigns. Select Campaign Manager
You will be taken to the Manage Campaigns tab.
Make sure the drop down says Select Campaign.
Choose your Start Date.
Select Active from the drop down and click Save Campaign
Sect the users you want the campaign to go out for.
Click Save Campaign again. 
In STEP 2:
Select the Schedule Type.
If you want to do a single email blast to all of your leads click the Once option.
Now you can choose
  •     Which email to send
  •     Lead statuses to send to 
  •     Lead Source to send to
  •     Custom Filter to send to
  •     Loan Type to send to
Now select the date and time you would like this single email blast to go out to your leads.
Click the Add button.
You should be able to see what you have scheduled below in the table.
You may now click the Start Campaign button. The system will notify you if your campaign was started successfully.

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