Editing Widgets

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1. To get the widget live on your website, you will need to give the script to your web developer.
2. At any point during customization of a widget you can click Demo to view the widget.
3. Hidden Fields will not be view able to your borrowers, however on the Rate Widget they determine what rates will populate the table, and on the Quote Widget they will determine what parameters your borrowers can choose from. 
Rate Widget hidden fields
Quote Widget hidden fields
4. To change size, shape, border type, etc. You can click the Edit about the form you wish to edit.
5. The Error Message that you see on your widgets will only be displayed to borrowers when an error has occurred. If you would like to see your widget without the error message, you may demo it.
6. Most fields will have a Move, Edit, and Delete button. This will allow you to change the positioning of fields, size, font type/size, etc.
Rate Widget 
Quote Widget
7. The left side of your screen will allow you to pick a Prebuilt Form to use a template, and add fields to the widget and results.
8. Once you have made your desired changes, you may click Save or if you would like to save this as a new widget, you may click Save as new
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