Editing Widgets

View help video HERE
Go to Widgets tab. Select the widget you want to edit and use (Quote, Rate, Contact).
First you will need to name your custom widget.
Make sure the drop down says Create New Widget.
Once you enter a name, click the Save button.
After it saves re-select it from the drop down.
You will now be able to customize this widget.
The Quote Form Field Options allow you to customize the default information.
    Such as the Loan purpose, property value, credit score etc. 
   This information is what the borrower will see before they type in their own information.
The Quote Form Design Options allow you to customize the appearance of your widget.
    Such as the color of the buttons, box widths, fonts etc.
Once you have customized your widget to your liking scroll back up to the top and click the save button again.
Your custom widget is now saved. 
To add the widget to your website you will need to give your widget code to whom ever developed or manages your website.
The code is located at the top of the screen.

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