Send quote via email

LoanTek allows you to easily send a quote to a borrower from your LoanPricer. Follow the steps below to learn how.

1. Go to the LoanPricer tab
2. Fill out your borrowers scenario
3. Click on the Search button on the bottom left hand corner of your LoanPricer
4. Once your results appear look for a green check box next to each of your quote results. If you do not see a green check mark that means you do not have the ability to send quotes added yet. You will need to email and request to have that added to your account
5. Put a check mark in the green box next to each quote that you wish to send to the borrower
6. Click on the Email Quote to view the hidden fields
7. Put in the First Name of the borrower, their Email Address and select the Email from the drop-down.
8. Click on Send Quote
Once you click on send quote the scenario will be sent to the email address you entered. 

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