Creating a lead in LoanPricer

Go to Loan Pricer tab.
Enter the scenario you are wanting to send to the borrower.
Then click Search.
Once you have the scenario loaded, click the Save Scenario As Lead button.
You will then see two options of fields to fill out.
On the left you can insert the name of a current lead (Last name first). This will allow you to save the new pricing to that existing lead.
After you type the name in, the system will search for it and give you options to choose from. Once you find the correct one click Save To Lead next to the corresponding name and email address.
Your pricing is now saved to that Lead.
On the right you can create a new lead using the pricing scenario you just searched. Type in the First name, last name, email address and other info shown in the field.
Then click Save As Lead.
That lead info will now to to your current leads list as a lead with that pricing information.
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